Synopses / synopseses / synopsi

Okay, so I have no idea how to spell the plural of “synopsis”!

But I have to do them… I am almost ready to send my second novel to my publisher to have a look at. It will be the first book in the Ripmender series that I have been talking about recently, and I need to send a synopsis of the first book, and an outline of the entire series. 

Wow! That is going to be a mountainous task, but what fun, and so exciting!

I love my series… It has grown from a simple short story for a teen competition, to a whole phenomenon in my life. A whole new reality about the word as we know it. Whoever would have thought that I would write a science fantasy series, when the only sci-fi movie I am really familiar with is Galaxy Quest.

Yes, I have watched a lot of the others, but I’m hardly a Trekkie or a “May the Force be with you” expert. Actually, my series is most like Men in Black. Just without the men in black. 

So my heroine has been kidnapped at a day spa, rather like Derek Zoolander, (except that she knows it isn’t spelt d-a-i-y-e). She is locked in a small cell, wearing only underwear and a bathrobe.

How is she to get out? What weapon can she possibly devise to overcome the jailer, and escape?

 Well I have now established that the wire from an old bra can be easily snapped in half, leaving two lovely sharp ends, perfect for a bunch of keys type weapon.Yes, I did really wriggle the underwire around until it snapped. I do that kind of stuff.

Now let’s hope the bad guy isn’t wearing sunglasses!

4 thoughts on “Synopses / synopseses / synopsi

  1. ahamin says:

    Waw… very impressive indeed… my predicament had a much darker solution.
    Hope to see your synopsis one day, so I can have a sneak peek on your new fantasy 🙂

    • Julianne Alcott says:

      Thanks! I am debating whether to do a more traditional synopsis, or write it as if the main character is telling the summary. The first one is safer, but the second one shows the tone of the story. I may just take a risk, and do the second one, because I like it more.

      • ahamin says:

        If your heart is set for the latter, then that’s what you should go for… traditional is done by many… hearing a synopsis from your own character’s words would give a better sense to the story, and like you said, gives the tone.

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