Starting the Journey

My hands shake a little as I type this. My heart has suddenly slowed down.My head feels a little fuzzy…

Okay, the fuzziness could be because of the sip of sherry I had about ten minutes ago, but more likely, it is because the moment has come when I send my synopsis and book outline of my new series, The Ripmender, to the publisher.

ImageI’m not sure that it is the kind of story they publish, so I’m not getting too excited, but I do love this series. Writing the first book has been an amazing journey for me into a genre that I haven’t really explored before, and books 2 to 6 promise to be just as life-changing.

Like my first book, the time has come to send The Ripmender off on a journey of its own, to make friends, to grow, to truly live.

So here it goes into the deep fathomless void of cyberspace…

Bon voyage!

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