Writing with visual aids.

I’ve realised this week that I am a visual writer. That is, I need visual aids to help me write better. I think it’s probably because I love movies, and naturally see things first, and then want to describe them in words afterwards.

I have come to a traffic jam in writing my latest novel, but (as always) I have a plan. I have identified three areas that I need to sort out visually, to make the task of writing easier.


So, firstly, I need to find a picture of the interior of a mansion in the UK. My friend Nicole (one of my wonderful supporters) took a photo of a stately, yet mysterious house near where she is staying in Bournemouth.

Now what I need to do is find a picture of the interior of a mansion, so that I can picture my characters inside it. I collected a whole lot of interiors of houses from magazines a few years ago, and hopefully, one of those will spark my imagination.

Secondly, I need facts about New York in1912 for my spot of time travel. I intend to collect sections of information on a large piece of cardboard, and attach it to my wall. Things like fashion, popular songs, food and events. Did you know that a building caught fire in January, and might have been the leading news story of the year in New York if Titanic hadn’t sunk!

Check it out here…


The third thing I need to do is going to happen this weekend. Me and three friends are camping in (co-incidentally) the same area as my fictional kidnapping is taking place. I will be able to plan it so much better once I am actually standing on the path they were standing when it happened.

So… I have my plan, and I need to execute it.

But first, I have to start packing…  Or I’ll end up in a tent with no bedding, which I won’t be able to find in the dark in the first place, because I’ve also forgotten my glasses!

4 thoughts on “Writing with visual aids.

  1. writingsprint says:

    Best of luck! If you like visuals, I have three words for you: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! I just got into it a month ago and I feel like, “Where have you been all my life???” There are lots of writers out there who set up “pinboards” of characters, scenes, settings, and story ideas. If you poke around you can find people whose tastes are similar to yours.

  2. writingsprint says:

    At first I didn’t understand what the point was. Then I set up a page so that my wife and I could compare ideas for furniture shopping that we found. Then a writer friend of mine posted a page with how she imagined some of her characters. It’s pretty cool.

    • Julianne Alcott says:

      That’s great! I have friends who say that Pinterest is the best thing around. I don’t have much time though, what with being a mom and working and writing and studying for a teachers degree, so I have to concentrate my efforts onto a few things. So I try and post relevant pictures to my novel’s WordPress blog about the characters etc. Hope you are well 🙂

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