Greater than Gold

This book almost got published in 2013 in London, but the publisher started to feel the effects of the financial crisis the world is in, and cancelled my contract. I’m going to work on it some more and try again!

Samantha Lacey is one of my favourite characters. She’s short, like me, but she’s not a pushover (probably also like me).

Like a lot of us girls, she wants a perfect life with a perfect man to share it with. She has a plan! It starts by moving away from home and starting her first real job.

And then she meets him…
Tall, dark, handsome. All the boxes ticked.

But then she discovers that life isn’t perfect, that things don’t go according to plan and that people sometimes aren’t what they seem. Finding the right man isn’t a matter of ticking off a list of superficial qualities, but digging deep, and trying to find out who he really is. Relationships aren’t only fun, but require hard work and dedication. Sometimes heartache and loss are necessary to make us grow and appreciate what we have.

“Greater than Gold” is about finding love, and keeping it, even when life is tough.




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